Whether it is government, business or private sector One thing you may be sure of.

Everybody needs to be connected and being connected today means fiber.


Construction of

telephone networks

The company's activity assumes the construction of telecommunications networks mainly on foreign markets.

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Trade in products for the

construction of fiber optics

We also trade elements necessary for the implementation of optical fiber installations, such as microducts (pipes), fiber optic cables and other network elements.

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Millions of kilometers of fiber cable need to be buried each and every year in the ground. From Greenland to Australia, from Beijing to Paris everywhere networks are being constucted. Governmental money, investments found and private resources are pumping money into the market. Fiber cable factories, microduts producers work at full speed in order to meet this enormous global demand for the network components.. One basic question however stays. Who is going to build it all? Qualified, experienced fiber optics installation companies are highly demanded nowdays. And rare in fact. Where one can find them?

The answear to this question is Fiberpol. Wheather civil engineering is required, blowing services, splicing or other network construction activities we do have relevant workforce to challenge it. Fiberpol has also unique project management competencies to run projects in any EMEA location .

Our Company

Our company management consists of veterans of the Polish telecommunication business, European business developement managers, product managers for fiber cable and microducts. Our installation teams gathered over the recent years extraordinary experience during massive backbone and FTTH rollouts in Poland, probably the biggest rollouts in Europe in the last couple years. Now Fiberpol is using these resources to meet the demand of Western European countries but also Middle East and Africa. We are in the same time able to deliver you turn-key solution including materials supplies such as microducts and microcable in order to guarantee You that your network is optimised in terms of CAPEX and OPEX costs.

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