Fiberpol is Polish installation company operating on the European and Middle Eastern telcommunication markets. Company has vast experience in building and maintaining telecommunication networks. 

Fiberpol has worked both for the big telecommunication operators like Kabel Deutschland in Germany, Orange in Poland as well as for a number of mid – size and small operators. 

Fiberpol has an experienced team of engineers and highly skilled installation teams. At the moment the company is rapidly expanding its activities.

Scope of activities:

- installations of telecommunication pipes both in urban and rural areas, 

- installations of microducts and microducts packages in the ground, 

- fiber cables splicing, 

- FTTH installations, 

- HFC installations 

- end customer connections, 

- fiber networks and HFC networks planning, 

- transmission tests.

Telefon: 00 48 668 36 0005


Fiberpol Sp. z o.o., ul. Mirachowska 30, 80-298 Gdańsk, Poland